What is Australia doing? Watch a video update on day 5 of the negotiations

Photo: OxfamAUS

With all that is going on I thought we should hear from a friend from the Global South. Watch this video of an interview with our Indian tracker. Hear a different perspective on the negotiations and get some of the insider information.

Firstly though,
Leela has been engaged in these negotiations for a long time (far longer than myself) and uses some common (in a UNFCCC kind of way) abbreviations. Before listening, have a look at these definitions.

KP: Short for the ‘Kyoto Protocol’, An international agreement that sets binding targets for the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions by industrialized countries. At present it finishes in 2012.
G77: A large negotiating alliance of developing countries , including China, India, Africa and many Pacific Islands, that focuses on numerous international topics, including climate change. It seeks to harmonize the negotiating positions of its 131 member states.
Contact group: An open-ended meeting that may be established where Parties may negotiate before forwarding agreed text to a plenary for formal adoption.

Australia needs to play a more constructive role in these negotiations. They need to work much harder bring home a treaty that is fair, equitable and just.

We encourage Australia to support publically support the proposals of Tuvalu and AOSIS (The Alliance of Small Island States).

I also encourage you all to walk with millions of people around the globe on December 12. When you are marching in the Walk Against Warming in balmy Australia, do spare a thought for your sisters and brothers, including myself, marching in Copenhagen in freezing temperatures (and if this week is anything to go by… no sun)

Tracking for you,