The human face of adidas production: Hamdani’s Film

Photo: OxfamAUS

Sporting giant adidas claims to embody the spirit of sports, but it is far from fair play on the factory floors of adidas’ Indonesia-based suppliers. In this short film 32 year old Hamdani shares the story of his struggle to find work after his unfair dismissal from an adidas supply factory in 2005. Hamdani asks adidas and adidas consumers to think about the human face of production and support the rights of unfairly dismissed workers.

Hamdani invites you to take action, support workers’ rights and ensure that adidas keeps its promises to unfairly dismissed workers.

Hamdani’s personal story is based directly on his own words. These have been translated into English from video footage and an audio interview (in Bahasa Indonesia) conducted in Depok, West Java in April 2010. Following translation, Hamdani’s story was collated and recorded as the voice over. As such, any personal opinions expressed by Hamdani within this film are his own views and should not be taken to represent the views of Oxfam Australia.