Small actions. Big difference

Here at Oxfam we’re working hard on lots of complex and big issues – global poverty, refugee rights, gender justice and climate change (just to name a few!) We know how important it is to communicate our message in engaging and fun ways so that we actually get these important issues talked about on the streets. That’s why our youth program works with young design students here in Australia to come up with creative ways to communicate the big stuff.

Last year students at the University of Technology Sydney created this awesome postcard as part of a range of materials on climate change, labour rights, fair trade and refugee rights.

Small actions. Big difference

We think the design (and the message behind it) is just brilliant! What do you think?

Every day we hear stories from across Australia and the world about people who are doing their bit to tackle climate change. People are going green and clean. Reducing their greenhouse pollution and recycling waste. People are building walls against rising sea levels and planting crops that need less water to survive.

Even if at times they feel small, these actions add up to a BIG difference. What’s something you’ve done this year to tackle climate change? We want to hear about it, add your comments below.

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