3things on climate change, locked-up kids & Wolverine

This week on 3things we scrutinised the two most pressing ticking time bombs in human history – climate change and the Gaga/Bieber race to one billion Youtube hits.

With the AFL kicking goals in and out of the MCG, we were disappointed that the organisers of a minor sports event in the land of Slumdog Millionaire were far from good sports themselves.

3things also got the chance to chat with Fatima, who at the age of five had to spend seven months behind bars… in Australia!

In some dream/fantasy sequence, the ever-caring and impeccably rugged Hugh Jackman swung by to ask after us, while Rachel Cassar was deconstructed while she did some re-constructing.

Upon recovering from our irrepressible swooning, we discovered Australia’s crappiest music festival and revealed Melbourne’s worst kept secret.

But enough about us!

This weekend the 3things team will be in Melbourne at The Finders Keepers Markets, asking you to write down or draw ‘One thing I can do to change the world’. Each hour, the 3things stall will host a changing exhibition of the best 3things the crowd came up with.

So come on down to Shed4 Docklands  – or if you can’t make it, leave your ‘3things’ as a comment below!

Image: Hugh Jackman by Barbara Doduk. Some rights reserved