ONE's Living Proof campaign

Newly launched, the ONE campaign in the US are running a new project called Living Proof, which aims to tell the real story of incredible progress being achieved by some of the world’s poorest people.

The Living Proof campaign is calling for a cold, hard look at what’s working well in the world of development. It’s asking people to celebrate – and share – the stories of those who are achieving it. Now, more than ever, stories need to be heard about how effective, affordable solutions to the global problem of extreme poverty are being found and delivered.

Whilst the campaign is not attempting to paint the picture that all aid works, it is a great effort to tell some of the stories that are too often ignored – the individuals transforming their communities and countries, and the smart aid investments that are helping them realize their goals.

We’re loving the range of inspiring videos that have already been featured in this campaign, including this one about Maria Mchele – a mother and farmer in Tanzania who relies on farming for food and income.

Through a local agricultural program, Maria learned about a new crop of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, specifically bred to thrive in sub-Saharan Africa. They taught her about soil irrigation, crop multiplication, and how to get her crops to market. She is now a leader in her farming group and teaches others what she’s learned. Learn how investments in programs like this have helped farmers increase their incomes by up to 400%.

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