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3things chalkboard trots the globe…

Map of India

3things has spent the past week in India, meeting inspiring young people from around the world at the Kaleidoscope forum. Check out this short video featuring some of the action partners’ own 3 things.

While in India we pondered what Gandhi would have made of Facebook, and who we think we are. Deep.

Back in the Emerald City, the homebodies in the team starting prepping for Christmas – trying to avoid being a naughty Grinch and remembering that it’s hip to be at The Square.

We also reported on MrSheen15’s meeting with Bono and the Governator’s call to say Hasta La Vista to global warming, all the while celebrating a minute’s peace from Kanye West’s wistful musings.

We also read that Meat is for Pussies, painted the earth green and mythbusted about violence against women.

What 3things did you learn this week?

Image: Quick trip to India by DragonWoman. Some rights reserved