Bon Jovi, Perth & Oxfam

Campaigning for change article written on the 10 Dec 2010

Photo: OxfamAUS

On Wednesday 8 December, Oxfam made their presence known as guests of the awesome Bon Jovi concert in Perth. Around 400 revelers out of the 40,000 crowd signed a message sent to Minister for Climate Change Greg Combet, calling for fair, immediate and relevant action on climate change. For the mathematicians among you that’s about 1 postcard per 100 people at the concert…. or 50 postcards per volunteer… or one postcard signed every 18 seconds (for the whole team) over 2 hours… or one post card signed every 2 minutes and 24 seconds for each team member… or one post card for each 25 days Jon Bon Jovi have been together… or… you get the idea. We also collected funds and gave out info on the Jon Bon Jovi Soul charity which has built over 200 homes for homeless people in the USA. An awesome time was had by all our volunters – especially with the cool ‘workers patch’ we received with instructions to stick to your leg which allowed you to walk with impunity anywhere in the stadium. I must admint, mine is still stuck on my leg right now. If enough people take action the government will have to listen, and there are certainly several hundred Bon Jovi fans who left the concert with music ringing in their ears – hopefully our message of climate change is rattling around in there as well.