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Certton steps towards more ethical fashion

Certton cotton field

Christmas shopping for a friend who likes yoga, someone who has a baby, or maybe just looking for an ethical tee?

Formed in 2004, Certton manufactures t shirts and singlets as well as yoga pants, tote bags, dresses, and organic baby clothes and blankets. Certton has recently joined 42 other companies to become accredited to Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). ECA certifies that workers in Australia have access to legally mandated conditions and are paid according to the industry award.

In addition to being labour friendly, Certton t-shirts are made of 100% certified organic cotton sourced in Australia, India or Turkey. The company also uses Oeko-Tex 100 certified eco-dyes, which are less harmful to the environment than conventional dyes and help ensure that end products are free from harmful chemicals or residues.

All this goes to demonstrate that a more environmentally friendly fashion industry that respects the rights of workers is Certton-ly possible.

Happy shopping!


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