Climate campaigning with Bon Jovi

Photo: OxfamAUS

Climate Change campaigners hits the pavements at the Bon Jovi Concerts in Sydney over the weekend. Teaming up with the Bon Jovi Soul Foundation the idea was to raise awareness about homelessness as well as the impacts that climate change is having on people in the Pacific right now.

We had a beautiful display of images by Rodney Dekker that show the impacts of climate change on the people of the Islands of Tuvalu. We also had some free climate change badges and Bon Jovi postcards to give away which made our job all the easier! All in all we collected over 1300 postcards addressed to Mr Combet letting him know that Australians of all walks of life want more action, both to prevent climate change and to do our fair share to help the people of the Pacific adapt to the problems they no face.

We had some truly amazing Oxfam volunteers come along and did a great job talking to people about the issues, raising money for the Bon Jovi Soul Foundation and at the end of the day we were all rewarded with entry to an brilliant concert at the end. Despite our sore feet a great time was had by all – even those who came along on the Sunday and managed to survive a massive downpour with smiles on their faces! I am extremely grateful to all the volunteers who came along to help out. You did an amazing job. If you are interested in becoming an Oxfam event volunteer please contact your local state campaigner.

Debbie Hunt – Ph: 02 8204 2943

Ann Matson – Ph: 07 3637 4615

Judee Adams – Ph: 08 8236 2160

Clancy Moore – Ph: 03 9289 9332

Paddy Cullen: 08 9262 8200