Shooting Poverty winning films released

Oxfam International is proud to announce the finalists in the Shooting Poverty filmmaking competition. ‘Shooting Poverty’ began earlier this year as an opportunity for filmmakers from around the world to create a short documentary showing the deadly impacts of armed violence and irresponsible transfers of weapons on ordinary people.

This great competition has produced three fantastic finalist documentaries from very different parts of the world:

Burundi: In post conflict Burundi one thing remains affordable to all: the grenade. Journalist Teddy Mazina follows the stories behind the headlines of never-ending explosive lethal attacks.

Brazil: The music and lyrics of forbidden funk star MC Smith shows the reality of life for people in Rio’s favelas, surviving drug fuelled gang and police violence.

India: Renu, a 28 year-old widow in India, transforms her life from the desperate situation of being labeled the wife of a “terrorist” to becoming a community leader fighting for the rights of widows of gun violence.

The films were launched last month in New York at UN First Committee, and now it’s your chance to watch them all online for the first time!

Viewers also get the opportunity to vote for their favourite of the 3 films until February 15, 2011. The filmmakers who receive the most votes win a Sony EX1 video camera.

You also have the opportunity to share your own story of how armed violence and irresponsible arms transfers affect you, and you can host a screening of the Shooting Poverty films in your city.

It’s also easy to share the films on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and elsewhere – please visit the site to find and more!