Climate action Sat 12 March Melbourne

Image courtesy Google Maps

Help to prove that, when it counts, Australians are willing to publicly show how much we care about clean energy and climate action.

Join environment and progressive groups from around Australia for a few hours this Saturday and stand up for our vision of a clean energy future and a safe climate for our kids.

When: This Saturday 12th of March
Where: Outside of Julia Gillard’s federal offices at Treasury Place, Melbourne
Time: 11am.

The fear campaign against a price on pollution has become so absurd that talkback radio hosts are claiming that a price on pollution means the end of our economy and life as we know it. Independent MPs are even receiving death threats.

Now, these same radio hosts have joined with climate deniers and far-right politicians to organise anti-climate action rallies as part of Tony Abbott’s “people’s revolt”. They start on Saturday outside Julia Gillard’s electorate office in Melbourne. We must make sure that on the other side of town, our movement comes together to present the positive, mainstream views that hard-line ‘shock jocks’ prefer to ignore.

If this event is successful, the media won’t be able report on the anti-carbon price rallies without also reporting that more people turned out to express support for a price on pollution.

This event is organised by Get Up!, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and a range of other organisations.