The Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2011

Fairtrade Shopping Guide

The 2011 Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2011 features some of the members from the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) who sell fair trade products including crafts, clothing, giftware as well as Fairtrade Certified™ products such as coffee, tea, chocolate and sports balls.

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Each entry in the Guide includes a web address for you to find more information about the supplier. Some advertisers wholesale their products, others retail, and some do both. Some have a shopfront, others only operate online. But they all stock a significant proportion of fair trade or Fairtrade Certified™ products. Some of the businesses listed in this guide are endorsed as Fair Traders or sell products which are Fairtrade Certified™. Many products such as tea, coffee and chocolate carry the Fairtrade Label on their packaging meaning they are Fairtrade Certified™, so you can be sure that they meet internationally agreed Fairtrade Standards.

Some businesses are endorsed as Fair Traders of Australia (FToA), and their listing is identified with the new FToA logo. Some of the businesses listed buy crafts from members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), which accredits their members against a set of ten Standards for Fair Trade. Other listed businesses source crafts, clothing or giftware from producer co-operatives or non-profi t support organisations which support disadvantaged producers or indigenous Australian artisans through fair trade but have no formal accreditation — with these, you may wish to ask them what they do that makes them fair trade.

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FTAANZ Disclaimer:
While we have sought to include only businesses which stock fair trade products or operate according to fair trade principles, no guarantee or endorsement is given of any listed business in regard to their fair trade operations other than Fairtrade Certified™ products which carry the Fairtrade Label, FToA endorsed businesses, or WFTO member organisations.