Launching GROW: Sydney

Photo: Ally Kvisle/OxfamAUS

The new Oxfam campaign GROW was launched on June the 1st in Sydney. The Oxfam team headed down to Prince Alfred Park to give away some free fruit and vegies and chat to the public about our new campaign.

The GROW campaign is not your standard campaign about food security rather it is a campaign that is seriously addressing what is wrong with the world food system. Looking at issues such as the relationship between food and oil prices, the capacity of small land holders, the impacts of climate change on food production, levels of waste, increased demand for bio fuel, speculative trading on commodities and the way in which corporations are “grabbing” land from the poor in developing countries, pushing them from their homes and leaving them unable to GROW enough food to eat.

This campaign is complex and multifaceted. We know there is no silver bullet solution, but we do know that hunger simply does not have to exist. We already produce more than enough food for everyone on the planet we just need to find better ways of ensuring that everyone gets what they need. GROW is about finding the solutions to all of these problems, it is about developing new ways of living and sharing the planets resources.

So help us GROW a new future by being part of the BIG food conversation.