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Mayors get into action for Climate Change in WA

Photo: Annaliese Frank/OxfamAUS

We are gradually moving down the coast In WA with the Climate Change Exhibition ‘Land is Life.’ At each location we invite the local Mayor to open the exhibition and paddle in the water to mirror one of the photos to promote the exhibition and action on climate change.

Mayor of Fremantle Brad Petitt was the first to drop his socks and wade in on our behalf.

Our latest victim to brave the cool winter waters of the Indian Ocean was Mayor Paddi Creevey OAM of the City of Mandurah. The picture she is holding is of Nagaunta Ienraoi of Kiribati who is standing where her Grandmother’s house was before it was washed away in a King Tide.

King Tides are getting progressively worse as sea levels rise with climate change causing erosion, destroying buildings and contaminating fresh water aquifers and gardens with salt.

The city of Mandurah is also in danger of losing beaches and properties to sea level rise and has a plan to become carbon neutral by 2013.

“It’s vital that he world acts urgently to address the causes of climate change and provide funding for vulnerable communities to adapt to the changes they are facing” said the Mayor.”

Photo by Annaliese Frank