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More than 85,000 students took action to Close the Gap

Photo courtesy Emmanual College

School involvement in supporting the Close the Gap campaign’s work through National Close the Gap Day 2011 was nothing short of impressive. We are pleased to report that more than 85,000 students and more than 5,000 teachers at 371 schools showed their support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality – making it the biggest National Close the Gap day in history.

The Close the Gap campaign is a coalition of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Health and Human Rights organisations working to close the life expectancy gap for Indigenous Australians by 2030.  If you’d like to get involved in next year’s event please download the National Close the Gap Day Schools kit and explore other classroom resources.

Oxfam Australia also has an exciting range of additional opportunities for students to get involved in bringing about a fair world without poverty.

For students

3things is Oxfam Australia’s youth program, engaging students in social justice through popular youth culture and formal education. Send your students to 3things for opportunities, support and practical ways to make a real contribution to their local and global community as young, active citizens.