Stopping hunger in Mozambique: Alberto

In the field article written on the 23 Jun 2011

Our series of blog posts from Mozambique is nearly finished, and while this week’s story is short, it’s also sweet. Meet 15-year-old Alberto Atanasio Malhaieie from Mabawane in Gaza Province, who received a goat and training to care for the goat from our local partner organisation. Oxfam News editor Maureen Bathgate visited Alberto to learn more.

When did you receive the goat?

I received the goat in 2008. Just one goat. A female.

Have you taken care of a goat before?

Yes, I owned 10 goats before, when I lived with my father.

What do you have to do to take care of a goat?

They are very easy to take care of. Every day in the morning I take the goat to graze, and around 9 or 10 o’clock, I bring it home to drink water. Then I take it back again to the grass.

How did you feel when you received the goat?

I am very happy because it is a female goat and it will have babies and I can sell them and buy things for school. I am in Grade Six.

What would you like to do when you finish school?

I would like to become an English teacher.

Next week, in our final blog post, Elisa tells a bit more of her story. (

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