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Help us build a ‘Radio Wave’ for climate action

350 Radio Wave

With song and stories, people around the world are taking to the radio airwaves, sharing the realities of the climate crisis and calling on people to take action in the lead up to the 2011 UN Climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa.

From 21 November through 2 December, supported by Oxfam, are inviting people to use the power of song and our voices to take the climate movement to the airwaves.

A group of African musicians including Zap Mama and Talib Kweli have created a new song, which you can download for free, titled “People Power.” This inspiring song explores the devastating impacts that climate change is already having in Africa and throughout our world, and it calls us to action.

In Africa, where this year’s major UN Climate Conference is taking place, many people, especially women, rely on being able to grow their own food to survive. But the changing climate is having a devastating impact on their crops.

The goal of Radio Wave is to create a global wave of radio broadcasts playing this powerful song, discussing the local and global impacts of climate change, and calling on listeners to join the movement for change. By building a critical mass of people talking about climate change we can highlight the urgent need for progress in the UN climate negotiations.

Sound like something you want to be part of?

Start a wave in your community.

Join the global Radio Wave by arranging a radio interview with your favourite DJ or radio host, to play the free song and to give your own story of how climate is affecting your community and what you and your community are doing about it!

Resources to help you start a wave