Oxfam number three in Top 100 Best NGOs

Photo: John Sones/OxfamAUS

Robert Fox, Oxfam Canada’s Executive Director, discusses The Global Journal ranking of Oxfam as number three on the world’s Top 100 Best NGOs list.

Just a coincidence that it’s Oscars time in Hollywood, but we’ve had our own moment in the spotlight with The Global Journal ranking Oxfam number three on the world’s Top 100 Best NGOs list. Given that the number one pick is the Wikimedia Foundation and number two is Partners for Health, a small but highly respected NGO that works only in Haiti, being chosen number three is an important recognition of Oxfam’s global leadership.

“Recognizing the significant role of NGOs as influential agents of change on a global scale, The Global Journal has sought to move beyond outdated clichés and narrow conceptions about what an NGO is and does,” the article said. “From humanitarian relief to the environment, public health to education, microfinance to intellectual property, NGOs are increasingly at the forefront of developments shaping the lives of millions of people around the world.”

Here’s some of what the Journal says about Oxfam:

“In many ways, Oxfam encapsulates in one organization the various functions of a modern NGO. It engages in humanitarian work, assisting those immediately affected by conflict and natural disasters. It implements development programs, seeking to lift communities out of poverty with long-term, sustainable solutions. It lobbies and advocates, in a bid to affect policy decisions on the causes of conflict at local, national, and international levels. It undertakes in-depth and rigorous research into best practices and structural challenges. And it does all of these things effectively and to the highest standards.”

It’s heartening for Oxfam also to be recognised for our humanitarian response work. Philanthropedia, a network of international emergency experts whose mission is to improve the pace of social change, has ranked Oxfam America as number two in the International Emergency Response category.

From all of us at Oxfam, to all of our supporters around the world, we’d like to thank you for your continued support and belief in our work.

Originally posted on the Oxfam International website.

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