Design a better future for GROW

By Larissa Ocampo

Are you excited by the ideas of Oxfam’s GROW campaign? Do you consider yourself artistically-inclined? Want to create a campaign image for Oxfam? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any or all of the above, then it’s time to get creative in order to imagine a world where everyone has enough to eat.

Oxfam Australia has teamed up with design site RedBubble and launched a competition to create a new GROW campaign image. Launched in March, the competition is now in full swing, and we already have some great designs being submitted. There’s less than a week to go before submissions close, so if you were planning on entering, get on it!

GROW is all about food: food production and distribution, food insecurity and the broken global food system. GROW strives for equality, sustainability and a reimagining of the food system — to one where we can grow, eat, and live a better way.

The RedBubble community will vote for the Top 20 designs, and the winner will be chosen by an Oxfam panel. The winning design will be used throughout the Oxfam GROW campaign, so it’s a great opportunity for all you budding designers to get your work out there — and all for a great cause.

The global food system is broken and desperately needs fixing. Growth starts small, and is a long and complex process. From the seed to the soil; from the crop to the harvest. From subsistence farmers to corporate distributors. From plant to plate; from farmer to consumer. We all play our part in the broken food system — we should all play a part in fixing it.

If you’d like to submit a design, visit our partners at RedBubble and get to it! We look forward to seeing the ‘fruits’ of your creativity!

Larissa Ocampo is an intern with Oxfam Australia