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Why Tina is joining Eat Local Feed Global

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“I got an email from Oxfam encouraging me to have a chat to my friends. About food. Over a meal. It was too good an opportunity to pass up so I registered to my own Eat Local Feed Global meal.”

More than 150 people have so far registered to host their own Eat Local Feed Global event. Tina, from Oakleigh in Melbourne’s south-east, tells us what she’s up to and why.

“What I like about the Eat Local Feed Global is that I can share my enthusiasm for food, and more importantly sustainable food, with people I care about, and people they care about. Sounds a bit cryptic this last bit doesn’t it? I’m actually hosting the event with my dad’s ex-girlfriend. We’ve decided to invite two friends each. But the twist is we’re asking our friends to bring a friend too, making for a broader mix of people and hopefully a livelier discussion about the way our food is grown and eaten.

We considered having our dinner on the weekend but chose World Food Day (WFD) on Tuesday 16th October instead. Given it’s WFD we’re preparing a truly global meal, with the starter, main meal and dessert all from different corners of the globe. First it’s eggplant salsa and homemade tortillas (a recipe I got from a wonderful Honduran woman), then a delicious ensemble of Moroccan dishes, before a homemade lemon cake (including lemons from the garden and eggs from our hens).

Fundraising is not the main aim of our event like it is for some people, but I will be asking our guests to think about making a donation to Oxfam about the size of what they would have paid for our meal. I’m also making a bag of goodies for everyone. This’ll include some seedlings and many of the materials Oxfam have provided.”

Eat Local Feed Global? “Personally, I’m always looking for an excuse to enjoy good company and good food – so why not in the name of a good cause?

Join me and register your Eat Local Feed Global event today.”