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Anne Batt – Gets a medal for 52 years of volunteering with Oxfam

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On World Humanitarian day, August 19th Anne Batt received a medal in recognition for 52 years of volunteering for Oxfam from The Minister for International Development, Melissa Parke.

The theme for the day was we need more…and Minister Parke very aptly suggested we need more Anne Batts’.

Anne Batt first volunteered in Hobart in 1961 for the Freedom from Hunger Campaign doorknock appeal, and has been a member of local Oxfam/Community Aid Abroad group for most of the time since 1963.

Over the last 52 years Anne has organised many events, doorknocks, walks, dinners, talks, exhibition and stalls both as fundraisers, and to raise awareness of campaigns such as Close The Gap and Make Poverty History.

Anne served for 20 years (1987-2007) on the Oxfam WA State Committee including terms as Treasurer and Chairperson and served on the National Executive /Board of Directors for 17 years (1984-2007).

While on the National Executive /Board she took on responsibilities as chairperson for the ‘Freedom From Hunger’ campaign (1990-1992) as well as roles as Deputy Chair of the Board and Treasurer of Oxfam.

Anne is a founding member of the Oxfam Mandurah group and the Fairtrade WA Oxfam group and plays a key role in the group’s Fairtrade shop.

Anne also plays a key role organising Oxfam volunteers from the state office.

World Humanitarian Day usually recognises just the work of Humanitarian workers overseas. It was fantastic to see an extraordinary life-times dedication to humanitarian issues get recognized from such a committed volunteer as Anne in Australia.

We are all very proud of what she has achieved and what she continues to achieve.