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GROWing with Oxfam at Floriade

floriade 2013 41

Spring is nearly in the air and the annual Spring time flower festival will be on at Commonwealth Park Canberra from the 14th September to the 13th October and Oxfam is thrilled to have been awarded Charity Partner along with the Yellow Van.

We will be presenting a GROW garden at Floriade – an inspirational garden based upon the principles of permaculture, low input farming and recycling. In the garden we will place 100 herbs that have generously supplied by  Greenpatch Organic Seeds  and potted up in lovely painted recycled tin can and will be given away as a gift for those who sign up to  join the GROW movement.

Made primarily from recycled materials the garden will give people the opportunity to explore the many reasons why 1 in 8 people are going to bed hungry every night despite the fact that the world produces enough food for everyone  – and how each and every one of us can contribute to GROWing a better future where everyone has enough to eat.

We will also be running some exciting fun activities for kids, so check it all out here . Our celebrity ambassadors Julie Goodwin and Simon Bryant  are on board and will be presenting some great cooking workshops that will inspire you to consider all that you can do in your own kitchen to ensure that your choices are the best for your family and the globe. For more information please see the Floriade program.

In preparation for the event Oxfam staff and volunteers have been creating all the fruits, flowers and veggies for the garden at art and craft workshops in the Sydney office and having a bunch of fun while doing so. So far we have made gorgeous sunflowers, strawberries, cabbages, carrots , tulips and lots lots more.

So if you are in Canberra please do come along, visit the stall and GROW with Oxfam at Floriade.