Climate Action in WA – Talk to Ten

Churches, Unions, Environmentalists and Humanitarian groups like Oxfam all seem to agree with one thing: action on climate change is urgent.

In Western Australia Oxfam Australia has banded together with a range of other social justice and environmental groups to form the WA Civil Society Climate Round Table. The group exists to make our collective voice heard on the greatest humanitarian, ecological, economic and moral issue of our generation.

With many small island nations facing annihilation and our two biggest political parties cutting emission by as little as 5% by 2020 when 40% is required; it’s time to put climate change back into politics.

Initiatives like the Climate Round Table are a great example of how social justice and environmental groups can, and must, work together to tackle the big issues that face society.

This election we are asking people to take a pledge to talk to ten people about climate change to help get the message out there.