Your life-changing support

Back in 2009, we visited Adriana and her son Jovandro in Timor-Leste, where almost half of children under five are underweight (WHO 2013). Jovandro was very thin and very weak. But there is a happy ending to this story.

Thanks to you and the Oxfam community, Adriana had access to the life-saving tools and training she needed to fight malnutrition and hunger.

Jovandro is now five and is a healthy, cheeky young boy with a beautiful smile. Apparently he can’t sit still! He now has a baby brother, Franco, and Adriana tells us “My oldest son was thin when he was a baby, but [Franco] is not. He [is] in good condition…He is not malnourished.”

You made this possible.

When we asked Adriana what she hopes now for her children’s future, she answered “I want Jovandro to be a doctor, and the youngest one to be a minister of agriculture.”

Hear Adriana’s story in her own words by watching the video above.

I hope you’re as inspired as we are by Adriana and her lively sons! We’re going to share more stories with you over the coming weeks as part of Oxfam’s Stop Hunger appeal so you know how you can help us fight hunger in Timor-Leste this Christmas.