Tell Woolworths: no more delays

Last Tuesday the Aswad Composite Mills factory in Gazipur in Bangladesh burnt down killing at least 7 people and injuring around 50. The factory provided fabric to Big W (owned by Woolworths), Target Australia, Kmart Australia as well as several European, American and Canadian clothing companies. We need all Australian companies to do more ensure worker’s in their supply chain are safe. A number of Australian companies have already signed the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord but Woolworths, one of Australia’s biggest companies, are still delaying.

Update: We have heard some fantastic news! Woolworths have signed the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord. The news that Woolworths has finally signed the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord comes as we learn that 2 million workers in Bangaldesh are now covered by the accord. Thank you to everyone who signed the petitions, emailed or called the companies or sent them messages on social media.

Oxfam Australia is calling on all clothing companies who sourced from the factory to provide financial compensation for families of those killed and to those injured in the fire. We welcome Kmart’s statement that they are working with the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord team to ensure that all families affected by the fire are compensated and that the factory workers can find alternative jobs. Woolworths have so far not committed to any compensation for families of victims of the fire.

Woolworths have been saying since 7 June that they will sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord, but they still haven’t signed on. This Safety Accord is critical to help prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

Take action now and tell Woolworths to ‘Get on board and sign the accord’

If you have 30 seconds

Write on Woolworth’s Facebook wall and make sure they know that their customers don’t want any more delays. Woolworths needs to take lifesaving actions today.

You can write your own message or customise ours:
As a Woolworth’s customer I am very concerned that you still have not signed the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord. Please help protect the garment workers in Bangladesh who make the clothes you sell on to us and sign this accord. You have been saying you will sign since the 7th of June but this is too important to delay, sign the accord today.

If you have 1 minute

Ask your friends to write on Woolworth’s Facebook wall too. The more voices that demand action the harder it will be for Woolworths to delay.

Invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

If you have 2 minutes

Your face is even more powerful than your name. Post a selfie on Instagram and tag @BigWAustralia (owned by Woolworths) with your message, calling on them to sign the accord. Show them that real Australians care about workers safety in Bangladesh.

And if you haven’t already, sign our petition calling on Woolworths and other Australian companies to sign the Fire and Safety Accord.