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Have yourself a Very Ethical Christmas

Oooh! Can you smell that? That intoxicating mix of mango, suncream and pine trees tickling our nostrils? It must be December. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and we’re getting caught up in the festive cheer, stocking up on fair-trade goodies  and chuckling at the behind the scenes videos of errant chooks and calves clucking about for Unwrapped. If you can watch that without breaking into a chicken dance you’ve got more self-control than us.

This time of the year has a habit of whipping us into a buying & eating frenzy, but the 3things guide to an ethical Christmas is here to help you prevent the post-binge lament. We’ve got crafty tips on getting arty, recipes for culinary delights and how to bring more green to your green and red.

According to the Australia Institute, last Christmas 6 million Australians received one or more presents they never used or later gave away. If you want to forgo the old socks and jocks routine, we’ve profiled some great sustainable artisan markets for last minute gifts in our events guide, and the best present picks (in our humble opinion) by personality type from the Oxfam shops, no matter how hard to buy for your Uncle Arthur / Martha is. And if you’re buying clothes, have a quick scan of the now-famous Naughty or Nice list to check the label is a-ok in regards to fire safety in Bangladesh.

What 3 things will you be doing over the silly season to reduce the excess & spread the love to those who need it? Let us know (or on twitter with the hashtag #3thingsmas) to win a fair-trade goodies pack (to arrive just in time for the big day).