Volunteer spotlight: Linda Kernan from Oxfam Shop

Photo: OxfamAUS

Linda Kernan has been volunteering at the Fremantle Oxfam Shop for almost 8 years, starting back in October 2006. She joins us for a quick chat about her experience.

Why do you like volunteering in an Oxfam Shop?

Initially I wanted to make a contribution to others as my own family had grown up and I wanted to use my time wisely. In more recent years, I have enjoyed learning about the fair trade producer partners and their stories. I like knowing that we can all make a difference to less fortunate people and their communities.

What did you do before you came to Oxfam?

I was a proprietor of English pub/hotel for 27 years. After I finished up there, I went travelling for two years in eastern Europe & Australia before coming back to Western Australia to begin volunteering.

What is your favourite product and/or producer partner?

One of my favourite products is the aluminium bowl ‘circle of friends’ made from recycled car radiators. I have found customers love hearing the story behind how it is made. One of my favourite producer partners would be Batsiranai as we lived in Central Africa in our early working life, and I can associate with their crafts.

What do you like to do when you’re not volunteering?

I love cooking, reading, sowing and travelling. I also accommodate travelling musicians and enjoy attending their concerts. Occasionally I also look after my two-year-old great niece.