Volunteer spotlight: Yasuyo from Oxfam Shop

Photo: OxfamAUS

This week, we feature a profile from one of our many dedicated Oxfam Shop volunteers – Yasuyo from Oxfam Shop in Perth.

“My name is Yasuyo. I am from Japan. I started volunteering at Oxfam Perth Shop in August 2013. Initially, I came to Australia as an international student and completed my Master’s program majoring in International Development.

“One of the biggest reasons why I joined Oxfam and stay as a volunteer is because I support Oxfam’s philosophy – empowering people and communities in Australia and overseas through ethical business practices.

“With my academic interest, I have been to several countries where people are suffering from high unemployment rates and poverty. I also saw during my field trips to these places that some international aid that was supported to help these people, instead made them used to begging.

“So it is a really awesome feeling to see our products, proudly made by our producers, can attract a lot of people in Australia, and thus work out as business that provides them with stable income. Also, our customers are often amazed by the craftsmanship that our products carry.

“As for me, I am always amazed by the quality products made by Noah’s Ark from India. Especially, I love the colourful dotty box with the cute lid, and I already purchased two – one for myself and one as a gift for a lucky person!”