Aboriginal health equality is possible by 2030

Close the Gap. Photo: Bonnie Savage/OxfamAUS

By Emrhan Sultan, Health and Wellbeing Program Coordinator, Oxfam Australia

This year’s National Close the Gap Day is already the largest ever! Now let’s make it the most successful too.

Growing up as an Aboriginal youth in Alice Springs, I visited family in hospital almost every week: heart and kidney disease mostly. I spent many hours in those hospital wards. Too many!

At the time, I wondered how my family got there; and how they would get better.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve wondered how my generation, and the next, could stay out of hospital.

With your support, the Close the Gap Indigenous health campaign has been finding answers to these complex questions.

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has again questioned the need to fund services in Aboriginal communities. This makes today an extremely important time to make your voice heard.

With adequate funding, Aboriginal health equality is possible by 2030. But you and I have to take action today to make it happen!