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Oxfam and Coldplay join forces to support people’s Right to Refuge

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This December Coldplay has invited Oxfam on the road for their five Australian tour dates to raise awareness of the biggest humanitarian crisis in living memory.

Right now there are more refugees in the world than at any other time in recent history. They could be us and we could be them. The good news is: we can all help.

The enormity of tackling the refugee problem, which has displaced at least 65 million people around, can be overwhelming. But Chris Martin is right, we can help.

Concert–goers at Coldplay’s Australian concerts have been standing with tens of thousands of people around the world for immediate action on this crisis.

Bernadette and Alice at Coldplay Melbourne. Photo:

Bernadette and Alice

Why did you take action with Oxfam?
Bernadette: Because I think it’s important to support those that are not as privileged as us.
Alice: I agree! And I wouldn’t know as much about the refugee crisis if it weren’t for Coldplay and social media. It’s great the band are using their voice to inform people about it and give Oxfam the platform to campaign.

What’s your favourite Coldplay song?
Bernadette: Up With The Birds. It’s such a good song but they’ve never played it on the A Head Full of Dreams Tour. Tonight, anything they play I’m good with!
Alice: A Head Full Of Dreams – it’s such a good start to the show!

Tash and Brooke at Coldplay Melbourne. Photo:

Tash and BrookeWhy did you take action with Oxfam?
Tash: Because it’s a situation that people forced to flee don’t have any control over, we’re just lucky to be born in this country.
Brooke: Why wouldn’t you sign? It’s not fair that just because they’re born in a different situation they face this.What’s your favourite Coldplay song?
Tash: Fix You!
Brooke: I hope they play Magic.


There are three things that we’ve been asking the Australian government to do now that will have a real and powerful impact of the lives of displaced peoples both in Australia, in off shore detention and around the world.

  • Obey International law and treat refugees with respect
  • Increase the numbers of refugees we’re currently taking
  • Increase aid to the countries that are hosting the largest numbers of displaced people,

If you haven’t managed to score tickets to the Sydney shows you can take action action now. Everyone deserves to live in safety. And everyone has the right to seek refuge when their safety and dignity is threatened.

Coldplay play Allianz stadium on the 13th and 14th of December in Sydney.