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Picture: Maureen Bathgate Oxfam AU

Aid Supplier Conference

Materials and Resources


  1. Gender Justice at Oxfam Capacity Statement
  2. Gender and Development Journal – Integrating a gender perspective into transparency and accountability initiatives three case studies
  3. Gender Justice in Papua New Guinea
  4. Oxfam Disaster Risk Reduction Report – Down by the River
  5. Oxfam QUT Report – Understanding Gender-based and Sorcery Related Violence in PNG
  6. Oxfam’s conceptual framework on Women’s Economic Empowerment
  7. Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights – Oxfam Guide
  8. Ending Violence Against Women 

Resilient Development

  1. Resilient Development at Oxfam Capacity Statement
  2. Climate Change and Migration Paper – Executive Summary
  3. Evaluation Report of the Vanuatu NGO Climate Change Adaption Program
  4. Pacific Islands Resilient Development Framework
  5. The Future is a Choice – Oxfam Framework for Resilient Development
  6. Oxfam Land and Inclusive Development in Timor-Leste
  7. Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management Capacity Building Program 2011-2017

Governance and Social Accountability

  1. Governance and Social Accountability at Oxfam Capacity Statement
  2. Indonesian Labour Rights Case Study
  3. Mekong Inclusion Program – Convening and promoting policy dialogue
  4. Mekong Inclusion Program – Strengthening Civil Society
  5. Mekong Inclusion Program – Women’s Leadership Brochure
  6. Promoting Active Citizenship – What have we learned from 10 case studies of Oxfam’s work
  7. Raising Her Voice Pakistan Case Study

Humanitarian Response

  1. Humanitarian Response at Oxfam Capacity Statement

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  1. Oxfam-Monash Partnership Brochure
  2. A how-to guide to measuring women’s empowerment
  3. Building Resilience – A meta-analysis of Oxfam’s resilience Effectiveness Reviews
  4. Conceptual Framework – Right to be heard
  5. How does networked civil society bring change – Final Report
  6. How does networked civil society bring change – Summary
  7. Measuring Impact – A meta-analysis of Oxfam’s Livelihoods Effectiveness Reviews
  8. Oxfam Australia Strategic Outcomes Report 2015
  9. Using Internal Evaluations to Measure Organizational Impact – A meta-analysis of Oxfam’s women empowerment projects