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Leading the way along the Salween River

How one local woman is mobilising villages to show their love for the free-flowing river, and defying those who wish to exploit it. Read more »

Cycling with Grace in Malawi

We know that education gives young people a path out of poverty. But the pathway to education is, quite literally, long and bumpy in Southern Malawi. So we’re breaking the cycle of poverty with… well, with cycles. Read more »
Oxfam is helping local rice farmers in Vietnam work smarter and grow more

Solutions that stick in Vietnam

In northern Vietnam, the only thing sweeter than sticky rice… is more sticky rice. So Oxfam is helping local rice farmers work smarter and grow more. Read more »

Sweet success for female farmers in Rwanda

Tuzamurane pineapple farming cooperative has paved a pathway for Rwandan women to escape the cycle of poverty. With support from the co-op, female farmers can now send their children to school, pay for food and health care, buy land and invest in other small businesses. Read more »
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A lifetime spent searching for clean water

In the remote mountains of Far West Nepal, women like Dhana have dedicated their entire lives to the relentless chore of finding water. Read more »
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Nine months pregnant, Kiran carries heavy loads of water to survive

Kiran, who is nine months pregnant, just wants her children to grow up healthy and strong. But she has no access to clean water and she must walk long distances to collect water from a dirty well. Read more »
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The struggle for clean water — dispatch from Far West Nepal

Oxfam’s Kate Bensen reports from the field in Far West Nepal, where nearly 3 in 4 people survive on dirty, unsafe water. Read more »
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“We only need water”

The water crisis in Nepal is so acute that in Darchula, a group of women came together to advocate for clean water to be brought to their village. Read more »
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Beyond safeguards: why advocacy is critical

Systems and safeguards are critical measures to prevent abuse and protect the rights of women and girls. But sexual misconduct, from Hollywood to Haiti, has revealed a much deeper issue: unfair distributions of power. Read more »
Oxfam Australia Straight Talk

A proud, straight-talking woman

For too long, the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have been unheard in Australia’s political landscape. But we’re working with partner organisation Aarnja to make sure that women like Bev Walley are heard, loud and clear. Read more »