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Photo: GMB Akash/Panos/OxfamAUS

Help school the big brands this summer

You know the holidays are over when you starting seeing advertisements for ‘Back To School’ sales. Unfortunately, many of the women making clothes for brands like Kmart, Target and Big W are paid poverty wages. Find out how you can call brands to account. Read more »
Malakal IDP Camp South Sudan

The latest push for peace in South Sudan: we must end this war.

It’s been five years since civil war broke out in South Sudan. Earlier this year, Oxfam International’s Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima, visited the country and met some of the strong, hard-working, self-sacrificing women who have been turned into widows and beggars by the conflict. Read more »
AA17 Augustina

Helping Ghana’s poorest women turn money into honey

Augustina’s life was soured by hunger and uncertainty, until she was empowered, with the help of Oxfam, to start her own honey business. Read more »

Women working together

An Oxfam initiative in the north-west region of Vietnam is bringing women farmers together to make a huge difference in how they work, and also improving how they’re treated in the community. Read more »
2017 SD 004 UW Mothers Day Donna Lemon

“We need to have a say in what happens to our kids”

Born and bred in Alice Springs, Donna began her leadership journey at the age of 17, motivated to address the needs of young people in curbing anti-social behaviour. She says Oxfam’s Straight Talk program has given her the tools to become an influencer in her community and stand up for the rights of Aboriginal people. Read more »
iwd blog 2

Why the majority of the world’s poor are women

Gender inequality is one of the oldest and most pervasive forms of inequality in the world. It denies women their voices, devalues their work and make women’s position unequal to men’s, from the household to the national and global levels. Despite some important progress to change this in recent years, in no country have women […] Read more »
iwd blog 1

8 reasons to support the International Women’s Strike on International Women’s Day

On 8 March 2017, International Women’s Day, Oxfam will lend its voice to thousands of women and women’s organizations around the world that are coming together to say enough. We are supporting the International Women’s Strike, taking place in more than 40 countries in the world. These are just some of the reasons why. Read more »
80734 HelenSzoke Vanuatu v1

Women MPs stride forward, but women’s issues remain lost

The cliff hanger Federal election has been a bitter-sweet moment in the ongoing battle for gender equity in Australia. Oxfam Australia’s Chief Executive, Dr Helen Szoke says the major parties are yet to learn the value of engaging with women on the issues that matter to them. Read more »
Papua New Guinea: Six-year-old Jane* survived a brutal assault by four men which left her hospitalised and permanently scarred. Photo: Vlad Sokhin.

What can you walk past?

Affecting one in three women globally, violence against women and girls is an epidemic in need of urgent and sustained action. Last week, women from across the Pacific, as well as Aboriginal leaders, and Oxfam Australia’s Chief Executive, Helen Szoke, met in the Solomon Islands to help turn this around. Read more »
Tereza and daughter 75908lpr 1170

What does Oxfam Unwrapped mean for mums?

No matter where you live, raising a family is a tough job. But if you’re a parent living in poverty, raising a family becomes more than a difficult task: it can test their very limits to survive. Read more »