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Ruth is a survivor of gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea

Why gender matters in Papua New Guinea

Just five kilometres away from Australia’s coastline lies Papua New Guinea (PNG) — a place now home to some of the world’s worst gender violence. Statistics from some areas in PNG now indicate up to 80% of the female population have experienced some kind of abuse. These statistics translate to a harsh reality for women […] Read more »
Photo: Robin Narciso/OxfamAUS

The Inclusion Project kicked off in the Mekong Region

In the Mekong Region, civil society is growing. NGOs and local communities are working together to build up a network of concerned people and communities working on water resource management. Read more »

End violence against women in Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea (PNG), violence against women is part of everyday life. A shocking 50% of women have experienced abuse. At just 10 years old, Ruth lost her mother. She had no choice but to live with her uncle and aunt where she experienced regular beatings. Mama Rasta was accused of sorcery by her […] Read more »
Photo: Iyad al Baba/Oxfam

Women in Gaza describe life under airstrikes

The crisis in Gaza is having a devastating impact on civilians who represent approximately 75 per cent of the casualties so far. Oxfam partner WCLAC (the Women’s Centre for Legal Affairs and Counselling) is collecting testimonies from women in Gaza to describe their lives and fear under the ongoing Israeli airstrikes. Read more »

75 years to achieve equal pay is too long

Women can expect to wait another 75 years before they receive the same amount of pay as their male counterparts. That’s according to Oxfam’s new report, The G20 and gender equality – How the G20 can advance women’s rights in employment, social protection and fiscal policies  which highlights the role of the G20 group of countries […] Read more »
Photo: Isabel Cane/Oxfam AU

Women’s rights undermined

Links between gender based violence (GBV) and mining have been documented in many parts of the world. However, there is very little research that examines the scale of GBV in mine affected communities and the social and structural aspects that cause GBV. Until now. Read more »
Photo: Ngarra Murray

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women creating change in community

The Straight Talk program has brought together more than 400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from across the nation to learn about Australia’s political system and form powerful networks with each other and with women of Federal Parliament. Read more »

Afghanistan at a crossroads: Speakers tour

This year will be one of rapid change in Afghanistan, as international military forces complete their withdrawal and Afghans await the final outcome of Presidential elections. Despite some important gains in women and girls’ access to education and health, almost 13 years since the fall of the Taliban the situation facing women and girls throughout […] Read more »

Kalpona Akter and the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity

Kalpona is a former child worker who started work in garment factories when she was twelve. She is now the Executive Director of the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity (BCWS), one of Bangladesh’s most prominent labour rights organisations. Find out how you can help improve the rights of workers in Bangladesh. Read more »
Photo: Peter Caton

Lifting women out of poverty in Bangladesh

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Guest Blogger, Tania Cass describes her experiences working with women in Bangladesh: “The inspiration and dedication for my work comes from my Bangladeshi colleagues, working so hard to make change and from the communities, particularly women who stand so tall and confident as they explain to me how an Oxfam program has transformed their life.” Read more »