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West Africa food crisis: a powerful bond

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Oxfam America’s Elizabeth Stevens and Holly Pickett noticed a powerful force at work in this emergency when they were in Senegal recently: the bond between mothers and children. Read more »
Rekha Chandrakant Khandagale at work. Photo: Bipasha Majumder/OxfamIndia

A better life for Pune waste pickers

Collecting other people’s rubbish and selling it for recycling is a way of life for many women in the Indian city of Pune. Rekha’s story reveals the immense challenges Pune’s waste pickers face on a daily basis – and how they’re fighting to improve their lives. Read more »

First national conference on women’s rights to land in Sierra Leone

by Oxfam intern Jarrod Strauch Sierra Leone has held its first ever national conference on women’s property and land rights, bringing together over 160 participants to develop new strategies in fighting the denial of basic rights to Sierra Leone’s women. The conference, held between 6-8 June at the YWCA of Sierra Leone, brought together 100 […] Read more »

Challenging the Hunger Myths

Almost one billion people on our planet go to bed hungry every night. That’s close to one in every seven people, all around the world – but why does so much hunger exist in a world where others have plenty? Read more »
Sundaradevi holds two of her chickens. Photo: Tom Greenwood/OxfamAUS

Stopping hunger in Sri Lanka: Sundaradevi’s story (part 2)

She survived the floods and stayed strong when her husband left her. She got her land back after her father-in-law mortgaged it, and now she provides for her family by growing SRI rice and breeding chickens. Little wonder that Sundaradevi feels “both strong and confident” these days. Interview by Marion Reid Can you describe your […] Read more »

Stopping hunger in Sri Lanka: Sundaradevi’s story (part 1)

This week, we introduce you to Alagaiah Sundaradevi, a single mother from the village of Dimbulagala. Unlike Chandrani and Indrani, Sundaradevi isn’t a home gardener (yet). Instead, she’s stopping hunger through SRI rice farming — an organic method of rice-growing that produces higher yields than the traditional method and is more resistant to flood and […] Read more »
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Working women with families

Another friend of mine recently became a single parent. Her baby is less than a year old, but her husband deserted both of them. To get by as a single mother she works full time at the footwear factory. Read more »
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Working around the clock

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I’m aware that because I work the night shift the condition of my body isn’t great—I’m unfit, easily tired and frequently sick…If there were something I could wish for, it would be that the factory provides something to help us improve our nutrition, so that I can stay healthy while working night shift. Read more »
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Dengue Fever

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Before I fell ill, I hadn’t been feeling well enough to work for two or three days. But I still went to work because I wouldn’t be able to get sick leave without a certificate from the factory clinic. Read more »

Sharing the basics

This is the sort of pump which is generally used in rental house areas, including my family’s home. This single pump is used by about 10 different rental houses (20-30 people). Because of the large amount of people using it sometimes the water comes up murky. Read more »