Quick facts

  • 95 million people
  • 2.6% living on less than USD $1.90 / day
  • 34.4% of women have experienced intimate partner violence

Over the past several years, Vietnam’s level of economic poverty has declined rapidly, while the gender gap also appears to be narrowing. But despite these heartening statistics more work still needs to be done. There is also a concern that the decline in gender prejudice merely disguises ongoing discrimination at household and political levels.

Meanwhile, the effects of climate change are leading to increasingly vulnerable livelihoods. Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and severe, while seasons are becoming increasingly unpredictable.

Oxfam is working in Vietnam to strengthen local civil society and communities to participate in decisions and management around water governance to ensure fair and sustainable usage. Six countries, including Cambodia, depend on the Mekong River region to provide water for agriculture and fishing, energy and supporting bio-diverse ecosystems – their fates are all connected. Oxfam has a long history of supporting rural farming and fishing communities throughout the Mekong region. The area is rich in natural resources but there are growing concerns that climate change and competing interests in water management are leading to instability and food insecurity, worsening the divide between rich and poor, and making life much harder for rural communities by putting pressure on the natural systems that underpin their livelihoods and well-being.

Key areas of work

Social Accountability and Governance

Key projects

Inclusion Pillar Project

Oxfam Australia is working to increase the inclusion of civil society in water resource governance and decision-making in the Mekong region (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos). Through this project Oxfam Australia is strengthening local civil society and communities to participate in decisions and management around water. The Inclusion Pillar Project is part of Oxfam’s Mekong Regional Water Governance program. This $9 million five year project (2014-2019) is part of an Australian aid initiative implemented by Oxfam Australia on behalf of the Australian Government. It is one of four pillar projects within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Mekong Water Resources Program (2014-2018).



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