Conditional giving

The future of giving

In an emergency, time is critical. 

With traditional aid distribution, first-responders can wait for weeks or even months before resources arrive.

Conditional giving is set to change that. Be one of the first to try the future of giving. Download the app now.

Conditional giving

✓ Give on your own termsConditional giving

Through conditional giving, you can choose the causes you want to support and securely pledge funds to real-world events before they happen. Your funds will only be released if your conditions have been met for example, every time a major cyclone makes landfall.

✓ Instant aid

Validated through trusted data sources, funds are immediately released from a secure digital vault. This enables first-responders to directly provide aid whenever it is needed the most.

Conditional giving

✓ No direct debits, no subscriptions.

Just top up your account, set up your pledge and feel good! You’ll never accidentally give too much – any remaining funds are returned to you when your pledge expires, so you can renew your donation or give it to another cause.

✓ Real-time tracking and status updates

Rich reporting features provide an overview and detailed insights about your donations. Keep track of your pledges and learn more about how your giving is making a difference. Real-time tracking and status updates via push notifications keeping you informed at any time.