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Tippy taps installed in South Africa are helping communities tackle poverty

Teaching support resource: the ‘$1 Day’ water challenge for Primary Schools

An Oxfam Australia teaching resource to support classroom teachers and school communities to introduce students to, and extend their learning and development on, the global issue of water, sanitation and hygiene in a fun and engaging environment.

The aim of $1 Day

Did you know that one in eight people in the world do not have access to clean water?

$1 Day is primarily a fundraising event, with people all around Australia working towards the aim of raising $500,000 for water programs.

In schools, you can choose to either do the fundraiser as a stand-alone event, or you can bring learning and fundraising together by using the integrated learning activities provided.

When: Anytime in May. Can be a day, a week or a month. $1 Day is officially on Tuesday 31 May.

Where: At school. In the classroom, during lunch time, at assembl: wherever is easiest for you.

The event: Brainstorm with the children in your class and let their creativity organise the event for you! Alternatively choose from a list of suggestions we’ve provided for you, such as a fun run, a coin line — the choice is yours.

How: This guide is designed to help to help teachers, principals and administrative school staff to plan a $1 Day event. Together, we can give more children the chance to live free from illness. Thank you so much for getting involved. Don’t forget to register your event.

Download the $1 Day teacher support resource

School resources

1 Day posters

$1 Day donation form

$1 Day Student Fundraising Sheet

What your money does information sheet

Student activities

Hygiene activity sheet:

Tippy Tap activity sheet

F-2 ‘Water awareness’ activity (Health & English)

Yrs 1-3 ‘Units of measurement’ activity (Maths & Science)

Learn more about Oxfam Australia’s work in water and sanitation.

Video Resources

Comedians Sammy J and Randy explain what a ‘tippy tap’ is and how money raised can help children have access to clean and safe water.

Comedians Sammy J and Randy demonstrate how donations can help build water tanks so children don’t have to walk for water each day.

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