Families like Lucas' are struggling
to feed their children as the climate
crisis rages in Guatemala.

Climate emergency in Guatemala

Since 2015, changes in rainfall patterns have caused crop losses of around 80%, leaving more than 1.3 million people without enough food to eat each day.

Tragically, 46% of Guatemalan children under the age of 5 have chronic malnutrition.

In desperation, many families in Guatemala are selling their livestock and even leaving their land. Each day, more join a caravan of migrants hoping to reach Mexico and the United States in search of work.

Food crisis in Guatemala
Lucas with his children, Guatemala

“We are actually really worried, especially for the kids because they are the ones that suffer this the most... They get sick. Because if they don’t eat properly, they start losing weight and they can suffer from malnutrition.” — Lucas

Lucas (pictured) has seen the terrible human toll of the climate crisis first-hand: “Not only in my family, but in different families. This is weighing on all of us. This lack of rain. It’s affecting the whole world.”

You can help

Together, we can provide immediate and longer term support for families facing an unprecedented food crisis.

Food for children

Food for children

We can provide access to emergency nutrition to help children facing chronic malnutrition that significantly impacts their health, education and long-term futures.

Cash transfer in Guatemala

Cash transfers

We can provide immediate financial assistance to the most hard-hit families so they can afford their most basic needs, without having to sell the animals or tools they rely on for farming.

Community support

Community support

We can help families grow a healthy harvest by providing drought-resistant seeds and teaching them new ways to save water and grow crops during the climate emergency.

Grow hope for families in Guatemala

All photos: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam Intermón
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