Vietnam’s climate change story

Walking through floods, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province, central Vietnam.

In December 2009, Magnum agency photographer Martin Parr visited Oxfam’s work in Quang Tri, central Vietnam, where people are suffering increasingly unpredictable floods due to climate change.

Rather than the bigger picture, Parr focused on the detail. He asked people about what they save when the floods come and the raised platforms they live on when the water rises.

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The central coastal province of Quang Tri is one of the most vulnerable to flooding in the whole of Vietnam. Floods and storms destroy people’s homes and wash away their crops.

Oxfam trains local people so they are better prepared. This includes rescue and evacuation procedures, basic first aid and early warning systems, as well as strengthening homes and storing dried food before the floods hit. This training will be vital as climate change causes further unpredictability in weather patterns.

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