Information for solicitors and executors

Are you helping a friend, family member or client include a gift for Oxfam in their Will?

For solicitors making a Will

Thank you for helping to make a Will that includes a bequest to Oxfam Australia. Please refer to our suggested clause wording or you can download our guide to Wills and Oxfam for further information. To make sure that your client’s gift reaches us, please:
  • Use our correct registered name: Oxfam Australia;
  • include our ABN: 18 055 208 636
If your client would like their gift to be used for a specific purpose, please contact our Gifts in Wills Coordinator Sam Allen on 1800 088 110 to confirm whether their wishes can be carried out. We would also like to thank your client in person, and invite them to connect with a community of other wonderful individuals who support us in this way. Please ask your client to contact us on 1800 088 110 or at for details of our upcoming community events.

For executors administering a Will

Thank you for making sure that a bequest to Oxfam Australia is properly administered. Please send us the following information:
  • a cover note that includes your contact details, and the full name and last known address of the deceased person;
  • a copy of the final Will and any codicils; and
  • a statement of estate accounts.
When you’re ready to distribute the estate, please post a cheque made payable to Oxfam Australia to: Gifts in Wills Coordinator Oxfam Australia Head Office 130–138 Leicester Street Carlton VIC 3053

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact Sam Allen by telephone on Freecall 1800 088 100 or email
Sam Allen, Gifts in Wills Coordinator