Help Families in Bangladesh access clean water and toilets

Will you help get clean water and toilets to some of the world’s poorest communities? Your donation will help save lives in places like Bangladesh.


Munni fears the monsoon season. She knows her children will have to live and play in filthy water. And they will be at great risk of getting sick — even dying — from diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea. She knows that when the rains come, they will bring polluted water and disease to the streets of her community. She knows that the open drains of her slum will likely overflow and flood her tiny home with rotting garbage and raw sewage.


This awful situation will be made even worse because clean water and working toilets are so scarce in her community. But faced with desperate poverty, there’s little Munni can do to protect her family from the devastating impacts of flooding.


With your help, we can give Bangladeshi families access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation. It can save lives, keep families safe and give kids a chance for a happy, healthy future.


Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Your donation will be used in support of Oxfam’s efforts around the world. These are a few of the many ways we work with poor communities improve their lives.