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Gender Justice
Discrimination and injustice are major causes of poverty worldwide, and women and girls bear the brunt of it.
First Peoples Justice
Poverty in Australia is just as harsh as it is in developing countries and it’s our Indigenous Australians who are among the most disadvantaged.
Children attending school
Economic Justice
The divide between rich and poor undermines progress against poverty. Inequality robs the poorest people of the support they need to improve their lives.
Christina is 23 and lives in Tambalug (Garu), she has two children: Doris*, daughter, 5; Pamila*, 2. Christina grows maize and she was shown how to make compost as part of the CRAFS (Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems) programme.     The Presbyterian Agriculture Station, Garu (PAS-G) is Oxfam's partner in the Upper East Region of Ghana. They're currently implementing CRAFS in a number of communities, including Tambalug (compost making) and Kpatua (solar) 12 and 13 July 2017.     Christina said:     “With the money, I want to look after my children: their health, their upkeep, that’s what I’ll be spending the money on. I’ll also invest some money on the farm this year. [Farming] It’s hard work [ she giggles] but if you get a good harvest it’s very nice. The only thing is, if you work hard and don’t get a good harvest then it’s not good. [Harvest] is my favourite time when you see the crops are ripe, it’s good. It’s [the only time] that she knows that what she has put in, she’ll get something out of it.”     “I’m 23, I have 2 children, they are 2 and 5, a boy and a girl. I want them to go to school, to do well in school and get good jobs and live well. I dropped out of school and got married, I want my children to do better. With hindsight, I should have stayed at school. Now, I think I’m not gainfully employed and I could have done better. So I want my children to maximise opportunities and be better off.”     “Poverty is when one is helpless. Poverty is when one doesn’t have enough food and you don’t have money to buy the food. Poverty is when you don’t have something to cover yourself. You don’t have the means to get what you want, to lead a normal
Climate Justice
We support those most vulnerable to the climate crisis, while fighting to protect the planet.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that the following pages may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

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Oxfam Australia acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original custodians of the land, and respects the rights that they hold as traditional custodians. We also recognise the dispossession of the land and its ongoing effects on First Nations Peoples today.