Volunteer supervisor profile: Sharon Settecasse

I also believe strongly in the approach we take in working with people to change or improve the circumstances they often have little choice in. The fact that we recognise that personal empowerment is critical in changing your own situation is a really important factor in my choice. Read more »
Volunteer Joshua Teng monitors Twitter at the Melbourne launch of Oxfam's GROW campaign. Photo: Lara McKinley/OxfamAUS

National Volunteer Week: in full swing

National Volunteer Week is in full swing, and we’re still celebrating! This time, some of Oxfam Australia’s key people share their thoughts about our wonderful vollies… Read more »
A volunteer in action at Melbourne Trailwalker. Photo: Michael Myers/OxfamAUS

National Volunteer Week: time to celebrate!

Oxfam Australia’s vollies are central to our work: their amazing efforts help us achieve so much more than we’d be able to with just paid staff. And what better excuse than National Volunteer Week to celebrate this truly fab bunch of people? Read more »