Trek to Tackle Poverty – Larapinta Trail

Join us from 13-21 June 2021 as we trek through Australia’s breathtaking landscape, whilst raising vital funds for Oxfam’s work. Learn more about the impact your support can and does make in the lives and communities of the inspiring First Nations women who have undertaken Oxfam’s Straight Talk Program. Read more »
oxfam tailor tanzania

A Tailor in Tanzania

Once, Buchumi was a primary school teacher. But when war broke out, he was forced to flee to a refugee camp in Tanzania. Here is life would change forever. Read more »
PNG beekeeping sustainable business

Beekeeping: a buzzing business in PNG

Several years ago Kelly Inae came up with the idea of “Mountain Honey”, a honey making business to help farmers in rural areas by training them as beekeepers. Yet, despite his best intentions, he soon realised it wasn’t possible to do it all for free. Read more »