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Photo: John Ferguson/Oxfam

South Sudan – one year on

One year after independence, South Sudan is facing its worst humanitarian crisis since the end of the war in 2005. These unforgettable photos, mostly taken at Jamam refugee camp, reveal the human side of this alarming situation. Read more »
Photo: Alun McDonald/Oxfam

“The world must step in to avert South Sudan crisis”

Ongoing conflict in Sudan and South Sudan continues to cause great suffering among refugees who’ve been forced to flee their homes and seek shelter in over-crowded, ill-equipped refugee camps. Jamam is one such camp, as Oxfam’s Pauline Ballaman describes. Read more »
Photo: Paul Banks/UN

Dancing in my heart: a letter from South Sudan

Following its Independence ceremony on Saturday 9 July, South Sudan is officially the world’s youngest country. Aguet, a member of Oxfam’s emergency response team, describes her joy at her country’s newfound independence and her hopes for the future. Read more »
Photo: Oxfam

Strong peacekeeping mission needed in South Sudan: let’s tweet

The UN Security Council is expected shortly to authorize a new peacekeeping mission in South Sudan to succeed the current United Nations Mission in Sudan. We need your help to ensure that adequate numbers of troops are kept in the country to protect civilians in the world’s newest country. Read more »
Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Sudan: Strangers back home

Martha Bol, a widow, and her children, spent their first night back in Leer county in southern Sudan sleeping outside in the cold. It wasn’t quite the homecoming she was expecting, but she was still excited to be back after spending the last two decades living on the outskirts of Khartoum, in the north of Sudan. Read more »
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Southern Sudan to vote on their future

Southern Sudan is preparing for its historic referendum on 9 January, in which southerners will vote whether to become the world’s newest independent country. Augustino Buya, one of Oxfam’s longest serving staff, reflects on how life in Juba – the southern capital – has changed over the past few decades of war and peace. Read more »
Photo: OxfamAUS

Delivering my story from Sudan to Australia

Dok Majok, a volunteer working in the WA Oxfam office, had a chance to tell his story of climate impacts in his home country of Sudan to the Member for Fremantle Melissa Parke, and the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. Read more »