Climate changemakers at Parliament House



Climate change is one of the biggest threats to ending global hunger.

On Monday 19 October, an Oxfam delegation of inspiring change-makers sent a clear message to key decision-makers in Canberra that Australia must act on climate!

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    Climate changemakers at Parliament House      Climate changemakers at Parliament House













The Change Makers

Tinnai Teaua

Kiribati Health Retreat Association President

“Our land is our identity. So I challenge big countries like Australia and I call upon the world to decrease emissions and keep the temperature rise below 1.5 degrees.”

Peter Holding

Grain and sheep farmer

“Everyone always talks about climate change happening in the future, but from my point of view it is happening right now. We are getting short seasons and this is having a large impact. At the moment we are seeing crops folding around the country, and over the next couple of months it is likely to get worse. Politicians have got to start realising we have a problem here and we have to solve it now.”

Larissa Baldwin

SEED National Coordinator and Campaigner

“It’s time to transition our economy to one that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, but by one that is powered by the sun and the wind. Because people are losing their lives, their homes, their families and their cultures. We have no other choice.”

Samuel Dariol

Community representative

“I see climate change and poverty as inextricably linked. We don’t just need climate action. We need climate justice.”

Helen Szoke

Oxfam Australia Chief Executive

“Oxfam is seeing the world’s most vulnerable people facing greater droughts, floods, hunger, homelessness and disease due to climate change; the government must recognise this and take far stronger action to tackle it.”