Post-conflict water, sanitation and livelihood support in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Photo: Danielle Roubin/OxfamAUS

Sri Lanka conflict

Sri Lanka conflict

During the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka that came to an end in 2011, Oxfam Australia and local partners were working to ensure the rights of Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable and marginalised people were recognised and respected.

In villages affected by the fighting, where so many lives have been lost, it is often only the women who now remain to rebuild.

Oxfam is there

From emergency relief work with internally displaced people (IDP) to relief and resettlement programs in the conflict-affected north and east, our work encompasses:

  • clean water
  • wells and toilets
  • emergency shelter
  • IDP camp kitchens
  • cash-for-work schemes
  • links to government services

We also help people re-establish their livelihoods, like gardens, farms and livestock, and we have provided housing assistance to help people return to their homes. In all of this work we always prioritise women-headed households and people with disabilities and war injuries.

How you can help

If you would like to help Oxfam continue its work in emergencies, you can donate to our International Crisis Fund, which helps us respond to disasters and emergencies around the world.