Alternative and online media

A good way to get noticed by traditional print media outlets is to get published in alternative or online media. Approaching those outlets that publish solely online is sometimes more successful and in many cases can reach a larger audience. Write a suggested story and pitch it to the editor/author of Australian and international websites and blogs. Some suggestions are Crikey, New Matilda, Larvatus Prodeo, Buzzfeed and Online Opinion.

Harnessing the potential of online media

The internet revolution has opened up a new world of possibilities for activists to get their message out to the world. Most importantly, it presents the opportunity to communicate with millions of people directly, without having to go through a journalist. In other words, it enables you to take the media into your own hands! When it comes to online campaigning, there are two main approaches – responding to what’s already online or generating new online campaigns. Both can be useful and effective ways to get your message across.

Using what’s already online

Start by doing a search to see whether there are any existing online campaigns on your issue. Ask yourself whether it will be more effective to support those campaigns or start your own. Maybe there are online campaigns based in other countries or states which you could offer to promote within your local community. Adding your support to an existing campaign can be a quick and easy way to start changing your world. You can sign up to receive email updates and start taking the actions suggested! Many activist websites, like this one, have tools which enable you to email your local MP directly. Be creative about finding new avenues to get your message across. There doesn’t need to be an existing campaign for you to start taking responsive action. For example, look at the stories posted on online news websites and respond to them online. If there is an interesting report which adds weight to your campaign ask, email the link to your friends and share it on social media. Add your comments to blogs. Vote in online polls.

Taking it further

If you want to take your online campaigning further and get a little more proactive, start by surfing the net and looking at the types of online campaigns and actions you think have the most impact. What is it about them that make them effective? There is a myriad of ways for you to generate support for your issue.
  • Write a social media post or an email about the issue and send it to all your friends. Ask them to share it with others.
  • Start up your own blog about your issue. Many sites such as WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr offer simple, free ways to publish your information
  • Write about the issue on your Facebook and Twitter page. Invite people to an event
  • Post photos of media stunts on photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and Instagram. Turn them into a video and broadcast it to the world on sites like YouTube
  • You could even start up your own website to provide information about the issue and suggest actions for people to take
  • The possibilities are endless. So, go on, start changing your world online!