Afghanistan update

Australian Government must do more to support Afghan people

Article written by Anthea Spinks, Oxfam Australia Programs Director As the final US planes flew out of Kabul this week, the hopes of thousands of Afghan people to also leave their country were dealt a heavy blow. With the country now devoid of foreign forces for the first time in 20 years, what happens next […]

Keeping 1.5°C alive in the lead up to COP26

In August we saw the release of the report from the International Panel on Climate Change. It provides the latest information on past warming and future warming projections, showing how and why the climate has changed to date, and including an improved understanding of how humans have influenced the climate.

National Reconciliation Week – a time for truth-telling

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria — established in an historic first in 2019 as the elected voice for Aboriginal people and communities in future Treaty discussions — has supported the Victorian Government to launch a truth and justice commission.

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